Grand Valley Crisis Nursery

About the Crisis Nursery


What we do

The Grand Valley Crisis Nursery provides free, short-term, emergency childcare to families in crisis and connects families with local resources to help them get out and stay out of crisis. Families may voluntarily bring their children to the Crisis Nursery when they are experiencing times of high stress or crisis. We operate a 24 hr crisis hotline so families are able to reach out for help at any time day or night. The Crisis Nursery is open 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. Kids stay in a homelike environment with loving staff, every child has his/her own bed, engages in age appropriate play and eats well-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. Children can stay at the Crisis Nursery for up to 7 days at a time, for a maximum of 30 days in a year.


Who we serve

We serve families throughout Colorado's Grand Valley. Kids birth through five years old can stay at the Crisis Nursery.


We are a non-profit funded through a combination of grants and generous donations.


Crisis Nurseries were developed through the Crisis Nursery Congressional Act of 1986 to provide holistic prevention and intervention services to families with young children, who were in crisis.


Why families use the crisis nursery

Families use the Crisis Nursery for a number of reasons such as:

  • A sudden illness or accident
  • Feelings of desperation or helplessness
  • Emotional distress or frustration
  • Domestic violence
  • Homelessness
  • Drug or alcohol treatment
  • A medical or mental health situation
  • Employment or housing situation

A crisis looks different for every family, so we let families define the crisis.